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Sue Hawkins

Phone Number

01452 741685

Needlework accessory kits to stitch using lovely colour and stitch combinations. Upholstered embroidery frames and unusual sewing tools and trinkets.

Exhibitor’s Products

Moroccan Pansies
Inspired by the vivid colours of Morocco with lots of interesting stitches
Damask Rose Collection
Soft, gentle colours of a classic old rose combined with plenty of interesting stitches.
Tiny vans as Scissor Keepers….or maybe hanging on the mirror of your vintage campervan …or is that just a dream?
Tiny Beach Huts
Little Beach Huts as ornaments or to hang on your scissors or keys
Lots and Lots!
Lots of small projects – a bit fiddly but not too difficult and be warned – slightly addictive stitching!
Turkish Doorstop
I love old ethnic textiles, especially embroidered ones, the patterned borders on this interestingly shaped doorstop are taken from a rug that I bought while on holiday in Turkey. The tetrahedron shape is simply made from a single oblong and then I have added a handle on the top decorated with hand-made Dorset buttons.
Upholstered Embroidery Frame
A simple idea based on the frames used in medieval times before we had all the clever gadgets that are available now. There is no limit to the size of the embroidery that you can do on them, just pin the area to be worked on the frame and move it as work progresses. There is no complicated sewing on to tapes and no nuts and bolts to get your threads caught around, you simply pin your work on and begin to stitch. The padding is comfortable to rest on and the frame is an attractive thing to sit in your living room.

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