Visit The Festival of Quilts as a group & save!

Whether you are part of a quilting group, bringing a school party or simply want to visit The Festival of Quilts with a bunch of friends, we have a great group scheme which offers a reduced rate of £14.50*.  When booking via the Group Booking Scheme, your group leader can visit for FREE!

Discover Group Savings...

We offer special rates for those buying ten or more tickets. It’s simple, flexible and one of the cheapest ways to come to the show!

★ Book 10+ tickets to qualify for the group rate of £14.50 per adult.

★ Quilters’ Guild members will get a special rate of £13.50 per ticket.

★ Groups do not need to travel together or even come on the same day.

★ You simply reserve your tickets when booking. Payment for reserved tickets must be made (and cleared) by midday on 28th July. You can also pay for your group tickets in full at the time of booking if you prefer. 

★ If you end up using less than ten tickets, you will be charged at the advance adult rate per ticket.

Plan Now, Pay Later

Groups benefit from our no obligation reservation period on tickets until 28th July 2024, giving you time to coordinate your trip. Plus, organisers get a FREE ticket when purchasing 10+ tickets. So, no need to delay, start planning today!