Sarah Hibbert & Jaeyoung EOM -
The Space Between

This is the story of two quilters who live 8,854km apart and have never met: Sarah Hibbert in London and Jaeyoung Eom in Seoul. Like many quilters they follow each other on social media. They were strongly attracted to each other’s styles and there followed many online exchanges – this is where the story of this unique exhibit begins. 

Sarah Hibbert is a modern British quilter influenced as much by art and architecture as quilting heritage. She has made a significant name for herself on both sides of the Atlantic, exhibiting widely and with her work being acquired by both public and private collections. She published her first book From Collage to Quilt: Inspirational Quilting from What You Have in 2022. 

Sarah loves the combination of old and new; of the traditional and contemporary. She uses patterns passed down through the generations but always adds a twist of her own. Working mainly in textural, linen fabric, with hand stitch and natural, rich tones and clever but limited use of prints, her modern quilts aim to create a conversation between the fabrics.  

Jaeyoung Eom is a Korean quilter who majored in industrial design and worked as a designer for many years. She learned hand quilting when quilts were first introduced to Korea, and was also a pathfinder in machine quilting. She played an important role in several institutions when they were first were established in Korea, among them Corea Quilt Associates and Art Quilt Community, and she still participates in annual membership exhibitions.

Jaeyoung is known for her contemporary design. She enjoys making her own fabrics, using every kind of craft technique, from stamping and hand-dyeing, to collage and print. She then juxtaposes her designs with commercial fabric to create unique and unexpected effects in her quilts. Jaeyoung’s interest in textiles is not limited to wall hung quilts. As an expert in handmade bag design, she has made various kinds of bags using quilting techniques and is a co-author of two books in this area.