Carolina Oneto - Chroma Tales

Chroma Tales: Carolina Oneto’s Quilted World of Colour offers a captivating exploration of Chilean quilter Carolina Oneto’s vibrant artistry. Her quilts paint tales of inspiration, paying homage to artists, music, social issues and nature. Embrace the splendid harmony of colour, composition and narrative, as Carolina’s quilts captivate and delight. 

Each quilt in the exhibition narrates a distinct story, drawing inspiration from diverse influences. Some pay tribute to renowned artists like Victor Vasarely and Kandinsky through stunning textile tributes. Others embody musical concepts, as seen in ‘Vibrato’, where colours pulsate like vibrant waves. Social issues inspire creations like ‘Equality’, weaving a binary code message with diverse flag colour schemes. Nature’s beauty permeates pieces such as ‘Coloured Bubbles’, capturing the play of light on bubbles through skilful curves and transparencies. ‘Jardin de Amapolas’ delicately portrays the ephemeral allure of poppies, infusing the quilt with fleeting beauty.

Visitors revel in the mesmerising beauty of Carolina Oneto’s quilts, manifestations of her creativity and unyielding passion for quilting. Delight in the richness and intricacy of colour choices, the graceful harmony of compositions, and the profound depth of thematic narratives. ‘Chroma Tales’ invites exploration of the kaleidoscopic world of Carolina Oneto’s artistry, where colours come alive, and stories unfold in a vibrant symphony of hues.