Your guide to entering
The Festival of Quilts Competition

The Festival of Quilts competition is open to all! Quilts are not juried and we endeavour to hang all work entered, as long as the work adheres to both the category definition and the Rules and Terms of Entry.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process…

The deadline for 2024 entries was Wednesday 12th June.

Step One - Choose Your Category

There are 15 different categories to choose from, most of which cover different quilting styles. The only category which has a specific theme is the Young Quilters category. 

You’ll find images representing the different styles in each section as well as a written definition.

Step Two - Read The Rules

Like all competitions there are rules you must adhere to. Please do read them carefully before submitting your entry. 

Step Three - Finish Your Quilt

Finish your work making sure it fits within the definition and the size guidelines of your chosen category. To maximise your chance of winning a prize, ensure you make a note of ‘what the judges are looking for’.

Step Four - Complete The Entry Form

Please note: the entry form is now closed.

Before you start make sure you have the dimensions of the quilt (in cm), a photograph of the whole quilt (if possible, although this is not compulsory), a title for the piece and your artist’s statement. NEW for 2024 you can save the form and return to it later if you need to. 

The most common issue when submitting the form is that your image(s) exceed the size limit of 2mb. For optimum ease in submitting the form we recommend that each image is between 500kb and 1mb. Any more and the form will be VERY slow. Please note that it is not compulsory to upload an image, but if you don’t your quilt will not be eligible for the Visitors Choice Award. 
If you need help re-sizing your images please email them to [email protected].

Step Five - Check The Details Are Accurate

Once you submit the form you will receive an email confirmation with ALL the information entered. Please check this carefully and email us – [email protected] – if there are any errors. 

The most critical thing to check is the dimensions as if these are wrong, it can have a major impact on our planning (and could result in the work not being hung).

Other information may be printed in the catalogue so again we urge you to check carefully. 

Step Six - Look Out For Your Labels

After the deadline in June, a hanging plan will be created by our team whereby each quilt is allocated a place in the show (based on its size). The quilts are then given a sequential Entry Number. This process requires a lot work and attention to detail which is why getting the dimensions correct on the Entry form is essential.

Once the hanging plan is complete (at the end of June), we will email your labels (with your unique Entry Number) and instructions. These labels allow us to identify your piece from the moment it arrives until the time it is returned to you. They are not address labels for posting the work – you need to create these yourself. 

Step Seven - Get Your Quilt To Us

Your quilt must arrive (with the labels attached) by 15th July at the latest. There are three different ways to get your work to us which you can find here. 

Please DO NOT post or deliver your work to any address other than the one on this page. 

After the exhibition, there are a few options for getting your quilt back which you can read here.