Janice Gunner - A Lifetime in Textiles

Janice Gunner has been stitching for as long as she can remember. This exhibition showcases a wide variety of work made during the 50 years that Janice has been working as a textile artist and quilter, and includes work from public and private collections.

Janice Gunner is a leading textile artist, quilter, author, and a former teacher in adult education and quilt judge. A lifelong stitcher for over 50 years, Janice presents a major retrospective of her portfolio. Always striving to produce work of a high standard, Janice prefers to experiment with a wide range of styles and techniques.

If there is one technique she is most known for, it is probably Shibori, also the title of one of her books. Her exhibition takes you on a journey celebrating 50 years in textiles and quilting from her first ‘quilt’ in 1974 to the present day.