Rules and Terms of Entry

In addition to the specific requirements of each competition, the following rules and regulations are common to all.

Definition of a quilt:

The structure of a quilt traditionally has three complete layers, but a minimum of two complete layers may be appropriate. These layers must be pierced and joined together by stitch. Other joining elements may be added.

Rules and Terms of Entry 2023

In addition to the specific requirements of each competition category, the following rules and regulations are common to all:

  1. Only TWO pieces may be entered per category.
  2. Entry fees and all other associated costs are non-refundable.
  3. Entries must have one dimension (either height or width) of at least one metre and must not exceed three metres (this does not apply to Miniature, Quilt Creations, Young Quilters and Schools).All quilts must conform to any size constraints imposed by their category.
  4. FOQ does not jury quilts entered and the Organisers endeavour to hang all pieces entered which comply to the Rules and Terms of Entry. However entrants must accept that due to space limitations the display of your piece cannot be guaranteed. Should it not be possible to hang your work, the Organisers will inform the entrant prior to labels being despatched.
  5. The decision for the category entered is the sole responsibility of the maker. Quilts cannot be moved to another category after the entry form is processed.
  6. Other than in the Group or Schools categories, the entry must have been created by the person entering the piece. Quilts sent to a long arm quilter must be entered into the Two Person category.
  7. Entries may not be accepted if they arrive after the specified deadlines, or if they are delivered anywhere but the designated address.
  8. Work entered may have been shown at previous exhibitions or local shows but may not have been entered previously into The Festival of Quilts competition. Quilts which have won a prize at other exhibitions may NOT be entered.  
  9. A hanging sleeve of 10cm (4 inches) must be attached to the back of the quilt (through which a wooden batten will be placed to hang your quilt). Failure to provide this sleeve may mean that the quilt cannot be displayed.
    Sleeve not required if the quilt features an integral hanging device or if your piece is double sided.
  10. Miniatures must have a 5cm (2 inch) sleeve attached to the back of the quilt unless it features an integral hanging device.
  11. For the purpose of this competition, double sided quilts are defined as those where both the front and reverse side may be viewed as separate pieces of work. The reverse side of the piece should be a finished quilt, created to the same standard as the front. Both sides of the piece should adhere to the category definition (ie if entered into Modern Quilts, both sides should be Modern)
  12. Double sided quilts should have an integrated hanging method, either along the top of the quilt or between the layers and the quilt must not exceed 179cm wide x 230cm high in order for it to be hung effectively.
    Please note that it is not always possible to display both sides of a double-sided quilt. Where it is not possible to display both sides, visitors can request the assistance of a steward if they want to see the reverse.
  13. If the quilt cannot be hung on a standard batten (or is entered into Quilt Creations), it is the responsibility of the maker to provide a clear hanging plan (diagram and/or written instructions) with your entry form AND inside the packaging with your quilt.
  14. We reserve the right NOT to hang work that contains any sharp or dangerous materials, offensive language or material which, in the organisers’ view, may be unsuitable in any way for display.
  15. Labels (emailed to entrants at the end of June) must be attached to the back of the quilt in the bottom left-hand corner with a flap of fabric covering the label to ensure anonymity during the judging process.
  16. All entrants must be aware that through their participation, both the organisers, Immediate Live and The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles will have the right to utilise photographs of the work for promotional purposes This includes but is not limited to the following: online via the show website, social media channels, email and in print (magazines and newspapers). Occasionally, work may be also seen on television. Where possible, the artist will receive full credit but this is not always possible.
  17. Entrants must state (under Name of Designer) if their quilt is an original design or credit the name of the designer.
  18. Entrants must acknowledge (under Technique or Inspiration) if their quilt has been made from a book, magazine, workshop or kit.
  19. Entrants must acknowledge (under Technique or Inspiration) if their quilt features a ‘work of art’ or utilises an image or photograph created by someone other than the maker.
  20. Entrants must acknowledge (under Technique) processes outsourced to third parties such as large-scale digital printing, laser cutting and fabric printing.
  21. All 1st prize winning quilts will be exhibited in a gallery within The Knitting & Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate. As such, these quilts will not be returned to the maker until December 2023.
  22. Whilst every effort is made by the Organisers to ensure the safety of any entry, it has to be recognised that some risk is inevitable and must be accepted by all entrants.
  23. The Judges’ decision is final.