Frequently Asked Questions

The Entry form is now live. You can enter here.

We are unable to advise on category choice for individual pieces. We suggest you read the category definitions carefully and also look at the examples of previous winners on each category page to guide you.

Ideally yes but if you’re struggling to complete it, enter before the deadline (using an image of the work in progress) and then email the photo of the completed quilt later to [email protected].

The size of your quilt is most critical to our plans, so if the size changes after you’ve submitted the entry, you’ll need to alert us as early as possible (otherwise we may not be able to hang the quilt).

Images are no longer compulsory with your entry, but if you do not submit a photo, your work cannot be entered into Visitors Choice and your quilt won’t be in the online gallery.

However, please be assured that the judging will be done at the live show and NOT from photographs, so don’t worry if your photography isn’t perfect!

We appreciate that bad weather can be a problem for photographing quilts, and that some of you may have difficulty with re-sizing. Please read our guidance on photographing your quilt which should help you. It’s fine to use a smart phone and the image doesn’t need to be perfect, just do the best you can. The photograph you submit will have no influence on winning a prize as the judges will make their decision based on the actual quilt, not the photograph.  

On Wednesday 2nd August, the judging will take place at the NEC once all quilts have been hung. The only category that won’t be judged is the new ‘For the Joy of Sharing category’.

Please email us on [email protected] and we’ll do our best to amend the info you provided.

Entries into The Festival of Quilts competition require a hanging sleeve of 10cm (4inches) to be attached to the back of the piece, through which a wooden batten will be placed to hang your quilt.

You can find instructions for creating your hanging sleeve here.

Yes we will email all entrants with labels and instructions ahead of sending / delivering to us for the show. We will also email your unique Quilt Entry Number which will need to be used on the labels and on all correspondence relating to your piece.

Please visit the Getting Your Quilt To Us page which has all addresses.
Please ONLY post / courier quilts to Bill Bowden Event Logistics and no other address!

Winning quilts are announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 3rd August at 12.30pm. Until then, the winning quilts (located in the Winners’ Galley) will be covered up. Winners are revealed at 2pm on the opening day of the show.