By Design - Through The Lens

By Design celebrates its 25th anniversary with the exhibition ‘Through the Lens’. Works are inspired by members’ favourite photographs, randomly redistributed around the group so that everyone had a new challenge! The quilts are in pairs, one made by the originator alone and the other worked on by others. The results are exciting and intriguing. 

The hangings are in pairs – two from each member. The group is well known for its working method, where two identical ‘starter pieces’ are made by everyone. One is completed by its originator and the other is worked on by other members before being returned. 

The photographs range across many subjects, from Victorian railway stations to Greek flower meadows, from geometric swirling shapes and Moroccan gardens to shelves of books and folders. 

At 25 years, By Design has probably lasted longer in this country than any other small exhibiting group with continuity of membership. This year will be the fourth time it has exhibited at The Festival of Quilts. Its members are: Penny Bicknell, Susan Chapman, Kate Dowty, Mary Hewson, Maggie Jarman, Lyn Lambert, Janet McCallum, Grace Meijer, Christine Restall, Hilary Richardson and Beverley Wood.