Lynne Edwards: Swan Song

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For over fifty years, Lynne Edwards has been making quilts and consistently passing on ideas and techniques to others through classes, books and magazines. Now that retirement looms, it’s a time to showcase that enormous body of work, from small samples to full-size pieces, and to find new homes for them all. 

Many pieces have found a wider audience through classes, publications and videos but few people have seen more than a selection of Lynne’s work in person, so this promises to be a one-off opportunity to see the entire collection of every item of work that she still possesses, from small samples for classes to full-size quilts, and for visitors to take home a piece for themselves if that is their choice. 

Quite a few quilts have already passed from Lynne’s hands over the years, and these will not be borrowed back for this collection but Lynne plans to give every quilt and sample she still owns a last moment in the sun. There are far too many pieces to be hung formally, so a core selection of headliner quilts will be displayed on the walls but many more will be available to examine and stroke.

This Gallery, however, is not just a marketplace for Lynne Edwards. The collection offers a unique textile journey over five decades of patchwork and quilting, where choices of fabrics, techniques and designs have developed and changed during one quilter’s lifetime.    

It will also be a great opportunity for Lynne to bid a public farewell and thanks to the hundreds of amazing people she has met and taught and laughed with over the years. You know who you are!