Sustainable Quilts

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For the purpose of this competition, a sustainable quilt is defined as a quilt which has been made with minimal negative impact on the environment. At least 75% of the fabric used within the piece must be re-purposed from materials including functional textiles (eg curtains, clothing or bedding) and discarded items (eg packaging).  

The remaining 25% would ideally be organic fabrics and / or taken from your stash rather than bought new. The maker should use biodegradable or recycled materials wherever possible (eg wadding and thread) or materials made from sustainable and natural sources (such as bamboo).

★ 1st Prize – £1,000

★ 2nd Prize – £500

★  3rd Prize – £250

Judges will take the design, composition and execution into account, but the emphasis will be on the sustainability of the piece. Entrants should therefore provide as much detail as possible in their submission about what makes their quilt sustainable.