Bombay Stores

Bombay Stores

Bombay Stores

Stand B30, D68, F10


Bombay Buildings
Shearbridge Road

We are a 53 year old brand specialising in Batiks, cottons, silk and a wide range of fabrics!

Exhibitor’s Products

Printed Bali Batik
Printed Bali Batik
Our Bali batik fabric are made in Indonesia on the beaches of Bali. The cotton used is superior quality and are hand printed with vegan friendly dye creating those beautiful bright colours it is great for so many projects, especially sewing clothes, costumes, fancy dresses, bunting and for quilting.

.44”wide (112cm)

.100% Cotton

Exhibitor’s Press

Beautiful Batik Fabrics
Bombay Stores Fabrics
We have a wide range of unique batik cotton fabrics, which are perfect making almost anything you desire! We have a stunning variety of colours and intricate prints.

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