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At Needles 2 Pins you will find quality hand sewing and machine needles, needle cases, plus the largest selection of fabulous quality pins in the UK.

Exhibitor’s Products

Button Headed Pins
These novelty button headed pins are beautifully fine and sharp and they have a diameter equivalent to a hand sewing needle size 9 and a length of 45mm. They are ideal for quilting projects and dressmaking and are also really useful in the application of sewing together knitted and crochet pieces.
Schmetz Quilting Machine Needles
Schmetz machine needles are the Rolls Royce of machine needles and these Quilting needles are the perfect quilting accessory. They are available in sizes 75, 90 or a multi pack of 75 - 90. This needle features a thin taper which enables it to easily pass through countless layers of fabric whilst protecting the fabric from damage and also helps to keep the stitches even.
John James Needle Collection
Come along and see the complete range of John James hand sewing needles and machine needles, including curved needles for all applications, leather and upholstery needles. We are passionate about needles and love to share our knowledge and years of experience with you. Sewing with a quality needle and choosing the correct needle for your project is extremely important and will also improve your sewing experience. Confused which needle to use? Come along and ask - we offer friendly advice.
Glass Headed Pins
These fabulous European quality glass headed pins are heat resistant which means they can be ironed without the pin melting or being damaged. This range of glass headed pins is available in a variety of different lengths from 35mm to 50mm and diameters equivalent to a hand sewing needle from a size 5 to a size 12. A pin for every type of application from couture work, dressmaking and quilting to sewing up knitting and crochet pieces. The finest glass headed pin is the equivalent to the diameter of a hand sewing needle size 12 and with a length of 35mm it is brilliant for couture work or indeed on extremely fine and delicate fabrics.

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