Transparency and transition, curated by Sara Cook, is an exciting new exhibition of work from textiles artists whose work has been inspired by the ancient Korean tradition of wrapping cloths known as Bojagi.
Participating artist are from the United States, Japan, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The abstract way that each artist has exploited the properties of the translucent fabrics and played with informal grids demonstrates the versatile way that Bojagi can be interpreted.
Some artists use colour to express their ideas, others eliminate colour in favour of line and the intuitive process of building up grids with narrow seams. Marian Bijlenga abandons fabric and uses instead colourful scraps of used sandpaper embracing the Confucian idea of thrift.
Magenta Kang’s installation of a series of wrapped sticks in fabric commemorates every life lost in a ferry accident off the coast of Korea.
Sara Cooks work The Grey line expresses that change of light moving across the landscape, the boundary between night and day.
The transition from a tradition born of a rigid life style where bojagi was one of the only ways a women could express her creativity has inspired textile artists across the world to create innovative work expressing their ideas without constraint.

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