Sandra Meech & Elizabeth Brimelow: Momentum...
memories, journeys and times

Sandra Meech and Elizabeth Brimelow will bring their different art and stitch approaches together for a new exhibition: Momentum. As friends and colleagues for many years, this exhibition will be based on personal memories, journeys and experiences, with each exploring ‘moments in time’. 

For Momentum, Sandra is using ‘water’ as the common element in her themes, the movement of water and flooding in her local Somerset landscape, and water as ice and the increasing evidence of movement and the retreat of glaciers in the Arctic. A recent trip to Eastern Greenland has informed many of her new pieces for this exhibition. 

With a background in art, illustration and graphic design, Sandra uses painting, photographic imagery and machine stitch in her compositions, working with sketchbook drawings as a starting point for this new exhibition. 

Elizabeth Brimelow lives in the Peak District and many of her themes in Momentum reflect where she walks and explores every day. Her new work shares sketchbook drawings using embroidered stitch marks based on these local journeys. In addition to this theme, she will be using fabric that has been given rather than chosen, which presents its own challenge, bringing back happy memories of friends and the past. 

‘I stitch and manipulate cloth which I use for its tactile quality, its intimacy and its substance. Landscape is where I live what I look at, what I draw and what I stitch.’ 

Both Sandra and Elizabeth’s collective art and textile experiences are all about memories and journeys. With Momentum…, they are sharing their own personal stories with you.