In 1901 Mrs May Thomas’ red and white strippy quilt won the prize for the best quilt in Llanelli and featured a novel paisley pattern. A hundred years later hand quilting expert Sandie Lush used Mrs Thomas’ motif when designing a cot quilt for a quilting class. Recognising its huge design potential, Sandie later went on to create a series of cot quilts entitled Paisley Renaissance, combining this motif with a simple Welsh Trail cable design. The collection was exhibited at the Jen Jones Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter, West Wales in 2016.

All the quilts in this first collection used the paisley design in its original format, but Sandie soon realised that the motif could yield many other design variations. Paisley Parade explores these ideas, creating a second series of quilts which again use both the paisley and Welsh Trail motifs. Starting with traditional Welsh quilting designs, this sequence of quilts shows how quilting patterns can develop. Paisley Parade features 23 brand new hand quilted designs which capture the essence of traditional Welsh quilts but evolve to take the patterns beyond that tradition and into a more modern setting.