How do I find out the size of my image?

  1. Find the image you want to check.
  2. Control+click (ctrl+click) your image. A menu appears.
  3. Click ‘File information’ or ‘Properties’
  4. You will see the size of the image. 

Resizing your image is a quick and easy website that resizes your images for free without requiring any sign-up.

  1. Upload your image
  2. Choose the percentage that you would like to reduce your image by (check the size your image first to find out how much you need to reduce it by).
  3. Click ‘Resize now’
  4. Save your image

The entry form will ask you to upload up to four images as part of your application but ONE is required as a minimum. If your files are too large, you may experience difficulty uploading them so we suggest uploading files of between 1-3mb.
If your photos are larger than this, try reducing the file size. Photoshop or Pixlr will help you to do so, or try searching on Google for ‘reduce my jpeg’.