Natural Selection features nine artists from America, Sweden, Netherlands and United Kingdom who use ecologically sustainable plant based printing and dyeing processes to colour and mark cloth/paper, thereby releasing nature’s hidden beauty.
A sense of place is central to all the artists who use found objects, windfall leaves, and home grown plant material, in their practice. Recycled and vintage fabrics play an important role in several artists work, helping to minimise their artistic footprint.
The use of natural materials pays homage to nature in both form and content; whilst embracing a commitment to minimising waste and toxicity.
Highlights of the exhibition are Lotta Helleberg’s pieces reminding us of the fragility and resilience of the natural world.
Ross Belton‘s textile Mandalas which reflect the wholeness of the artist.
Deborah Pawle’s weavings, who incorporates nature’s offerings into her delicate pieces.
Fabienne Dorsman –Rey’s memory cloths mapping the loss of memory associated with Dementia.
Alice Fox’s collection of 52 books recording her allotment over a year.
Roxanne Lasky’s body map / Kimono celebrating Nelson Mandela’s long way to freedom using Eucalyptus leaves from Mandela’s Capture site.
Liz Hewitt’s armour of Oak Leaves – illustrating the strength and protective power of the Oak.
Lizzie Godden has used plant dyed thread and fabric to depict the colours of the seasons.
Caroline Bell’s Mepuru celebrates the maple in its many forms.

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