Robyn Fahy was the winner of the Modern Quilts Category with her beautiful piece ‘Fractured Circles’.

Find out what inspired Robyn in her creation of this quilt and how a self-confessed ‘traditionalist’ in the quilting sense pushed herself outside of her comfort zone to enter the Modern Quilts Category in our exclusive interview below.

Robyn Fahy

I have always considered myself more a traditional quilter, but enjoy challenge, and this challenge was to try and create a Modern quilt using some beautiful silks I had collected on a trip to India.. Modern and Silk were both ‘First times’.

I find the challenge of creating an exhibition piece keeps me motivated.

I have been quilting for about 25 years and am inspired by so many things. Everything from a family photo to everyday scenery. Inspiration is everywhere. I think a lot of quilters see life in ‘Quilts”

I have always considered myself a traditionalist, but yearn to be creative in other areas too…Hence the Modern, but sometimes lack the confidence to throw myself at it. I also feel that good techniques are as important as the artistic content

Enjoy the process and learn from every quilt you make. The thing I enjoy most about our craft is that there is always something new and challenging ahead. 

I am working on a couple of simple eye spy quilts for a couple of special little grand daughters at the moment. Nothing for the Virtual Festival of Quilts, but a couple in the planning stage that I hope to get started on soon for 2021

I was totally thrilled to win first in Modern Quilts, and I will be challenging myself to make another, and perhaps no longer consider myself just a traditionalist after all