My work is often a response to medical data. This might be x-rays of archaeological bones, historical clinical archives or the biometrics of my own body. I use digital embroidery to make my work; sometimes it’s combined with digital print; sometimes I use free-motion quilting.
I ran 1 ½ miles in the Spinning Room of Salts Mill to represent an hour’s cloth production. I wore a heart monitor and printed my running footprints with the dust in the mill. The red ECG line shows how my heartbeat went from 68bpm to 181bpm. The embroidered footprints are based on the prints taken on the run. The ultrasound triangles show how the chambers of my heart opened and closed in a heartbeat. I hope the embroidery accurately represents my running gait overstitched with my heart data showing the electrical and physical activity of my heart as I travelled across the room.
The quilts are inspired by spending time with the 3,000 archaeological skeletons in the BARC collection at the University of Bradford. A reoccurring theme this work in how easy it is to only see the disease in the bones that remain and forget the peoples whose bodies they were part of.

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