You are responsible for the insurance of your quilt while it is in transit to us via post or courier. On arrival with us, if requested, we will provide insurance cover which will be in place until your quiltis back with you.

The cost for insurance is £10 for a quilt up to a value of £500, £20 for values between £501 and £1000 and £30 for values between £1001 and £1500. Feel free to amend your Entry Form as required.

As simple good practice, we would urge all entrants to ensure that they take a photograph of their work prior to dispatch. This will help enormously in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong. It must be emphasised that, whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of any entry, it has to be recognised that some risk is inevitable and must be accepted by all entrants.

Please note that we are unable to offer insurance for multiple quilts packaged in one parcel. Please package your quilts individually if you wish to be covered by our insurance.