Japanese Folded

By Jennie Rayment

A fascinating patchwork with many variations. It has the great advantage of being double-sided so no backing fabric required, and once finished is a complete unit.

For a quilted or more robust design, insert a layer of wadding or interfacing. The basic principle of this patchwork is the folding of a specific sized circle over an equally specific sized inner shape. Discover the many variations on the technique and the exciting results of colour, shape and form. A simple principle with enormous design potential.

Watch the video and be inspired by the multifaceted variations of this patchwork. Create quilts, wall-hangings/place mats, boxes and so much more. Jennie explains in full the essence of the technique and expounds upon the possibilities. This concept and further amazing applications for creative play and experimentation can be found in Jennie’s latest book ‘Material Magic’

You can watch this video as many times as you like, pause and replay so that you can really get to grips with the technique at your leisure.

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About the tutor

Jennie Rayment

Jennie is an International teacher and lecturer, TV demonstrator, author (10 books on fabric and textural manipulation), Youtube video creator and qualified patchwork and quilting tutor of many years’ experience. This skinnyish, slightly wacky Brit is totally obsessed with ‘Nipping and Tucking’ – fabric manipulation and surface texture. Unique in her field, she’s now well known for her quick, simple, innovative and original techniques with manipulated material and her hilarious lectures with real ‘Strip, Show and Tell’.

Jennie teaches a wide variety of classes for all levels and abilities of sewers from patchworkers, quilters and embroiderers to fashion, soft furnishing and home décor enthusiasts. She is also an accomplished quilt artist with quilts in many exhibitions from Houston to Japan. Jennie is informative and believes in sharing her wide knowledge. She has infinite patience and is fun to be with and has conducted classes worldwide on many different quilting subjects. Listen learn and discover with this ingenious quilter – your time will not be wasted!