Pinwheel Cathedral Window Pincushion

By Molly Brown

This effective patchwork technique can be made in small or large panels, used as part of a quilt, wall hanging or bag. Learn the technique making this simple pin cushion.

Molly Brown_pinwheel_image1

You will need:

  • Six 4” squares of fabric (4 can be the same, and two different to achieve the Cathedral Window effect)
  • Needle and thread
  • Some toy stuffing

One of the contrast squares is for the back, set this aside. Set aside one of the other squares for the Pinwheel base.

Molly Brown_pinwheel_image2

Step 1

Fold each of the remaining four squares in half diagonally and press.

Molly Brown_pinwheel_image3

Step 2

Place one triangle on the base square, taking care to match the corners and the sides. Then the add the second triangle, working round in a clockwise direction. Again, taking care to match the corner and sides.

Step 3

Now add the third and fourth triangle. On the fourth piece, match the right-hand corner with the previous piece, then tuck the left corner under the first piece. Here shown in pink.

Step 4

Carefully pin the pieces in place. Pay particular attention to getting the folded corner of each triangle pointing accurately to the corner. Then tack round the outside to hold everything in place.

Molly Brown_pinwheel_image8

Step 5

Turn back the folded edge of the of the first triangle by about 5mm. This can be a little more or a little less. Just take care to do each edge the same. Edge stitch through just the layers of this triangle for 2.5 to 3cm.

Step 6

Repeat this on the other three triangles. So the centre of the base square is exposed.

Step 7

Take the last square, place on top of the pinwheel so right sides are together. Pin in place, marking an opening on one side.

Molly Brown_pinwheel_image13

Step 8

Next, using back stitch, work round the square, remembering to leave the opening unstitched (or you can machine stitch around the edges. Clip corners and turn through.

Step 9

Stuff with toy stuffing, or a suitable material. Slip stitch the opening closed.

Molly Brown_pinwheel_image1

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