Bonnie J. Smith

Bonnie J. Smith is a California based textile artist whose art works have been exhibited in London, Paris, Japan, to name a few locations. Smith is a self taught artist who has taken Master Dyeing Studies from Joan Morris, professor Dartmouth University. In 2016 Smith was the recipient of the “Leigh Weimers Award and Grant”. She created the celebrated textile series “Swimming Upstream”, which tells her story of recovery after a work related injury that forced her to use a wheel chair for over a year. The series received “The Health Care Heroes Award” from

About This Gallery

Today I present to you my new series, “The Drought”. The background on where this series started is in my own backyard. The focus of the series is on the Alviso Salt Marshes. Let me give you some background information on those salt marshes. The Alviso slough that runs adjacent to the Alviso salt ponds which is also the gateway to the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge is where I have spent countless hours walking, dreaming, sketching and photographing nature.

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