The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection

Heather Audin has been the curator of The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection for 12 years. She cares for, researches and exhibits The Collection, ensuring that our Patchwork and Quilting heritage is preserved for future generations. She has authored three books: Patchwork and Quilting in Britain (2013), Making Victorian Costumes for Women (2015) and Forty: The Evolution of a Collection (2019), and curated over 50 exhibitions on patchwork and quilting.

About This Gallery

In this gallery we explore a selection of some of the smallest pieces in our specialist textile collection featuring the crafts of patchwork and quilting, including a tea cosy by North Country quilting legend Amy Emms; an unusual mosaic patchwork huswife with hand-stitched dedication and some of the smallest pin cushions you have ever seen made by Averil Colby.

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