In honour of the celebrated textile artist and professor Aina Muze (1943-2017), special artwork selection is presented to characterize her outstanding creativity and to mark the continuality of her rich artistic heritage that outlives the great artist’s lifetime.
Aina Muze for over more than twenty years worked in patchwork technique and her works testify to revival of this technique in our days.
Aina Muze developed her work to embrace quality and excellence. She broadened out her work to explore new materials and invention. The artist was interested in the potentialities of modern technologies and the ways how they could be applied together with traditional patchwork technique. In order to intensify artistic expression she used also collage and embroidery, manipulating and subverting these techniques to create highly individual works. The artist loved to improvise with light and dark colour contrasts and her evocatively bright palette was consistently paired with gentle, calming tints and shades of grey.
Aina Muze is a much-exhibited and multi-faceted creator with an active, prolific career; her textile artworks are preserved in the collections of the National Museums and Foundations as well as in numerous private collections all over the world.