zero3: Continuum

Zero3 was formed in 2003 by graduates of the Stitched Textiles course at Windsor College, Berkshire. Three of the founding members are still with the group – Audrey Critchley, Janet Atherton and Cindy Kearney, whilst Janet Twinn joined some two years later. Others have moved on and new members have been introduced, some of whom have worked with the collective for more than 12 years. 

The collective was founded to give its members a route to exhibiting their work and to benefit from shared expertise and inspiration. It is unusual in that the group has never imposed a theme on the work produced, believing that each artist is involved in their studio practice following their own exploration. This is the 15th exhibition for zero3, and it is exciting to be back at The Festival of Quilts to celebrate the collective’s 20th anniversary year.

After two decades, the collective still seeks to share the current output of its members. Monthly meetings have been held since the outset to plan an annual and biannual exhibition programme, discuss work in progress, visit contemporary exhibitions together and share skills in workshop settings. These stimulating, inspiring discussions have been mutually supportive when we’ve been heading towards exhibition deadlines. Members have taken routes from many starting points including traditional quilt making, stitched textiles, mixed media and fine art approaches. 

Moving forward, zero3’s broadminded definition of a contemporary textile studio practice means that we embrace any shifting direction (on or off the wall) that our members wish to pursue.

Zero3 members: Audrey Critchley, Janet Atherton, Cindy Kearney, Janet Twinn, Janine Ayres, Maggie Barber, Rosemary Hufton, Gail Parker, Alison Garrett, Susie Grace, Amanda Duke and Janet McCallum.