Our Tutors 2024

Welcome to our Festival of Quilts Tutors for 2024. We are delighted to have such a diverse range of highly experienced teachers offering an enormous range of classes. Our fabulous line up includes tutors from all over the world who come to teach, inspire and share their knowledge and expertise. We are privileged to have them and are delighted we can share this opportunity for you to learn from the very best. 

To see the range of classes, from Quick and Easy sessions, to longer Academy workshops, including our new Deluxe classes, click here.

Alessandra Volker


Greetings, art enthusiasts and lovers of all things handmade! I am Alessandra Volker, an artist by soul and a teacher by profession, intertwining creativity and knowledge seamlessly throughout my life’s tapestry. My earliest memories are painted with the vibrant hues of encouragement from two of the most incredible women in my life – my mother and grandmother. They introduced me to the rhythmic dance of crochet hooks and the soothing embrace of knitting needles, lighting up the path of handcrafts for me. 

Over the years, I’ve dipped my fingers into a myriad of art forms, from intricate beadwork to delicate lace-making. Yet, it was the union of fabric and paint that truly captivated my spirit. I discovered the alchemy of turning simple textiles into masterpieces of art, weaving stories and emotions with each brushstroke. 

Join me in this beautiful journey where fabric meets imagination, where every piece I create isn’t just art, but a fragment of my soul. For in my hands, fabric doesn’t remain just a material; it breathes, it sings, and most importantly, it tells a story. Let’s celebrate the magic that happens when passion meets creativity. Welcome to my world! 

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden


Alysn has been described as an inspirer, facilitator and energiser. 

She is an experienced freelance artist in fine art textiles, an author of several books and numerous articles, a tutor and former gallery director.  
Her work includes materials such as copper, stainless steel and other metals and woven metal fabrics, wires, papers, fabrics, threads, paints, threads and natural objects.                                    

Amanda Duke

Amanda Duke Selfie1

Amanda has been immersed in her own studio practice and teaching Art and Textile courses to adults for the past 10 years.  

In her own work Amanda conjures a sense of places that have brought her solace and joy.  She uses a variety of materials on new and repurposed surfaces before fragmenting and re-assembling paper and cloth collages. 

Amanda, I am reeling with joy every time I think of yesterday’s workshop. I have been on a ton of workshops and yours was a masterclass. Jan W 


Facebook: @amandadukeartist 

Instagram:  @amandadukeartist 

Pinterest: @AmandaGDuke                      

Andréa Lechner

Andrea Lechner

Andréa specialises in patchwork and hand quilting and is an active member of the Quilters Guild. Her work, always created for the individual, graces many homes around the world: from Tasmania, Argentina, South Africa and the United States to France and of course, the United Kingdom. In addition to making her own quilts Andréa frequently runs workshops and gives illustrated talks on aspects of quilting history.       

Angela Daymond


Angela is a popular and talented tutor who teaches a wide range of hand stitching workshops. Due to her vast experience she can support the total beginner in her workshops whilst extending the skills of those with more stitching ability.   

Anna Weatherley Hastings

Anna has been part of The Indian Block Print Co. from the beginning. With over 10 years experience running block printing workshops she will share her in depth knowledge and tips with all things Block Printing.        

Annie Garner

Tutor profile pics (7)

I’m Annie, a graduate teacher. Since retirement I’ve taught creative textiles from my studio and workshops to quilt groups. I’m an avid sewer and quilterI’ve been experimenting with making quilted jackets and embellished projects. I’m passionate about creative arts and keen to share my eclectic range of techniques and experience.          

Becky (Rebecca) Preen  

Bekcy Preen

Becky has been teaching patchwork, quilting, jewelry making and dressmaking for over 20 years. Most recently from her dedicated studio in Harlow, Essex.         

Brigitte Garnett

Brigitte Garnett

I discovered fabric after a busy career and I share my life with a very indulgent husband and two dogs as well as several sewing machines. I believe that you are never too old to learn something new and that you can never have too much fabric, wool, ribbon or charms and beads.   

Cait Moreton-Lisle


Specialising in fresh designs for modern quilters, Cait loves playing with traditional piecing techniques to give them a new and modern twist and creating patterns that everyone from beginners to lifelong quilters enjoy making. She is regularly published internationally and offers bespoke technical editing services and custom quilt commissions.              

Carolina Oneto


Carolina Oneto, a Chilean quilter, discovered her passion for quilting 12 years ago. For the past 8 years, she has dedicated herself to teaching and sharing her expertise. Her vibrant quilts showcase mastery of color, curves, and transparency, reflecting her commitment to inspiring and innovating within the quilting community.              

Caroline Barley  


My experiences and the people I meet are what inspires my work. I have lived in the UK, Japan and Germany and each time I move I get the chance to reinvent and reassess what I do for work and for fun.   

Carolyn Gibbs

Carolyn Gibbs

A friendly and experienced teacher, Carolyn specialises in developing methods for accurate piecing of traditional patchwork. Inspired by her collection of antique quilts, she also teaches how to draft quilting designs which fit and complement the patchwork perfectly.   

Carolyn James

Carolyn James

Carolyn learnt to sew and craft with her Nana as a child and was then introduced to the world of Patchwork & Quilting by her aunt who took her to the Festival of Quilts and the rest, as they say, is history!

After learning (and becoming somewhat obsessed!!)  with patchwork and quilting, Carolyn then started to be asked by local Quilt Groups and friends to teach them patchwork and free motion quilting techniques.  These workshops steadily developed and in 2019, she took the decision to leave her public service career and become a full-time tutor.  Carolyn bought her Handi Quilter Amara 20” longarm machine with the aim of finally quilting all her many patchwork creations. Teaching weekly classes at her local quilt shop (Sew & So’s in Bungay) came to an abrupt stop in March 2020. However, with everyone at home during lockdown the requests started coming in for Carolyn to quilt their quilt tops on the longarm. Starting at first to longarm quilt for friends, the demand grew and a Longarm Quilt business (Sew Suffolk Quilts) developed with Carolyn now employing a passionate and skilled part time helper for the business.

Chris English

chris english

Chris English is an improv quilter who uses primarily recycled fabrics. He has also recently become obsessed with bearpaw blocks.  

Cordula Ermler

Cordula Ermler portrait

Since 2009 I’ve been sewing patchwork and have sewn a lot of quilts in different techniques. I 2014 I got my business  “CoRo’s Patchwork & Nahdesign” Design opens. In n numerous courses with Jacqueline de Jonge, I learned a lot about Foundation Paper Piecing. Judy Niemeyer has her own kind of Foundation Paper Piecing, which has always inspired me. so I took the opportunity to attend several training courses for this purpose. Since February I am an official Certified Shop and Certified Instructor of Judy Niemeyer/Quiltworx and since then I have been giving many courses according to her technique.

Dee Bushrod


Since 2009 I’ve been sewing patchwork and have sewn a lot of quilts in different techniques. I 2014 I got my business  “CoRo’s Patchwork & Nahdesign” Design opens. In n numerous courses with Jacqueline de Jonge, I learned a lot about Foundation Paper Piecing. Judy Niemeyer has her own kind of Foundation Paper Piecing, which has always inspired me. so I took the opportunity to attend several training courses for this purpose. Since February I am an official Certified Shop and Certified Instructor of Judy Niemeyer/Quiltworx and since then I have been giving many courses according to her technique.

Dunja Supp

Dunja Supp

I started teaching in 2015, rented a little atelier and from the beginning I had classes full of students. I taught over 1,000 courses over the years in my shop, I taught for example at Nadelwelt Karlsruhe and published a book in 2022. My business has grown into a beautiful brick and mortar and online shop with three employees and I’m teaching on a weekly basis. I’m doing courses for beginners, embroidery, patchwork and quilting. Having some Instagram followers, I’m doing online-live-sewing-classes, for dree sometimes and I’m teaching zoom-classes as well. I’m speaking English well and I had some English-speaking students over years.

Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw

Elisabeth Culshaw

 Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw is a dye and fiber artist from Scotland. She specializes in creating beautiful prints on textile using Botanical and loves using the colour blue, she works in a sustainable way sharing her technique with a global schoolroom in person and online. She curated “The True Colour of the Cotinus” online project printing Cotinus leaves blue on fibre          

Emma Jones

 A passionate hand stitcher from a young age, I now combine my enthusiasm for sewing with my love of teaching and share my designs and ideas on my website and Youtube channel. I love how calming and relaxing hand sewing is and I want to spread this joy to others. I specialise in English paper piecing and embroidery and I love combining both mediums to create beautiful pieces.       

Gai Taylor


Gai Taylor has been the owner of Just Patchwork in Tuncurry, NSW, Australia for 26 years. She’s been teaching for over 30 years. During that time she has taught extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK.

Gilli Theokritoff

I am an experienced and enthusiastic teacher and an award-winning quilter. I love to work with colour and pattern and I really enjoy translating traditional techniques and styles into modern quilting.

Gillian Cooper

Gillian Cooper

Gillian is an award-winning City & Guilds tutor.  She runs courses in Patchwork and Quilting and Creative Sketchbooks both online and in person in her lovely home studio in Balfron, Stirlingshire.  She loves teaching, helping her students develop their own style and create things they never imagined possible.

Gillian Travis

I’ve been teaching at Festival of Quilts for many years and each year love designing new projects to teach.

Gregory Jay Barner

Gregory Barner

Gregory is a retired elementary school teacher. He is a versatile and prolific quilter who specialises in improvisational techniques and now uses instructional expertise to teach a wide variety of quilting skills at shops, Guilds and Festivals around the world. He and Ruth Anne Berry run the online Quilters’ Clinic. 

Gregory is attending FOQ for the first time in 2024 and will be teaching workshops on Traditional Quilting, Contemporary Quilting and Patchwork. 

Heather Audin

Heather Audin profile pic

Heather Audin is the curator of The Quilt Collection, a fantastic resource of over 1000 examples of patchwork and quilting, charting the history and development of these crafts over the last 3 centuries.     

Heather Chalkley

Heather Chalkley FoQ 2024 - Profile Photo

I have been a member of the Quilters Guild for over 30 years and have been crafting all my lifeI have been teaching both children and adults to sew in fun classes for over 20 yearsOne of my favourite things is to see students pleased with what they have been able to achieve. 

Helen Moyes


Helen started creating at an early age then studying applied textiles and becoming a qualified trainer. 

Her practice includes upcycling and using innovative textile art materials and techniques. Helen embraces many practices including both hand and free machine embroidery, wet and dry needle felting, art journalling, surface fabric and paper design and embellishment. 

Helen runs regular Creative Workshops both at her studio and for corporate & community groups and events. 

Helen gives inspirational talks, produces on-demand digital guidance, blogs, undertakes commissions and creates kits for us to get creative at home. 

Helen brings some peace and play to our everyday!        

Herma de Ruiter


Herma started stitching at an early age and has never stopped. She enjoys using all kinds of techniques in her work but almost all of it is heavily stitched. Herma is particularly fascinated by the way adding thread to a piece of fabric can completely change its appearance.   

Hilary Jackson

Tutor profile pics (1)

Like many other stitchers Hilary has been sewing for as long as she can remember, encouraged by her mother and grandmother. She developed a passion for embroidery as a teenager and spent time at collage printing and dyeing her own fabrics and designs. Moving house 35 years ago she became a quilter enjoying all forms of patchwork and quilting,  developing a particular interest in Contemporary and Modern quilting.

Hilary enjoys entering her work in quilt shows and exhibitions and has been awarded a number of certificates.

Hilary is an experienced teacher and enjoys teaching both quilting and embroidery, taking great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and skills with others.

Hilary Jane Cheshire

Tutor profile pics (6)

Hilary Jane is a textile artist and quilt designer. She has a passion for traditional hand stitched work, patchwork and quilting, which she has been teaching for the past 20 years with beginners and experts alike. Her successful classes and workshops are based around her own designs for traditional quilting and embroidery.    

Janet Goddard


Janet loves to stitch and is happiest when surrounded by fabric. Patchwork, quilting and applique are her favorites. Janet is a qualified teacher, an author of six textile books and a prolific pattern designer for magazines and fabric companies.     

Janice Croft

Tutor profile pics (2)

 Janice has been teaching since 1997, she has a passion for dressmaking especially tailoring. Her style is hands on learning using practical projects to create items you will love to keep and gift. For the shows she produces classes for bags, purses and organisers. Janice’s day classes focus on adapting designs, style and fitting.  She says” beautiful sewing is of no use without elegant design and a perfect fit” 

Her aim is for you to leave a workshop brimming with confidence, able to take your sewing to the next level. To wear what you make with pride. 

She is available for 1-2-1 tuition, small or larger groups, sewing retreats in Kent, Coventry and Essex.      

Janice Gunner

Janice Gunner

Janice has been stitching for as long as she can remember. A quilter for 50 years and an adult education teacher for 35 of these, teaching up to degree level. She has won many awards including 2 City & Guilds medals of Excellence and the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award by Immediate Media in 2019.       

Jeanette Gustafson  

Jeanette Gustafson

After enjoying patchwork doll making,knitting and some dressmaking in my teens it wasnt until the end of September 2019 that I discovered my love of Patchwork and Quilting.My quilts have displayed at Festival Of Quilts twice one of which was a Stack and Whack  Kaleidescope peice called Seminole Sunrise. Sew Lovely By Sisters,Made by Netty brand, established in 2023 aims  to showcase my love of patchwork & sewing  and inspire others to enjoy this craft.      

Jennie Rayment

Internationally renowned author, tutor and TV demonstrator specializing in manipulated textiles. Ex City & Guilds teacher and verifier, well informed educator, humorous lecturer. Teaches internationally and countrywide.  Exhibits in galleries and at shows.  Her classes are always fast, fun and thoroughly enjoyable – nothing like a spot of twiddling and fiddling!!        

Jessica Grady


Jessica Grady is an award-winning embroidery artist, author and workshop tutor from West Yorkshire. Her colourful and contemporary work explores hand embellishment and embroidery with mixed media and zero waste materials. She is also a member of group Art Textiles: Made in Britain.

Jo Avery

Jo Avery is a prize-winning quilter based in Scotland. She is a regular contributor to many quilt and embroidery publications and the author of both New Patchwork and Quilting Basics and Modern Crewel Embroidery. As part of The Thread House, she organises sewing retreats and an online teaching Academy.  

Joe Allen Cunningham

Tutor profile pics (3)

Joe Cunningham has been a professional quilt artist since 1979. His quilts are in major museums and collections. He travels the world to lecture and teach.

Judi Kirk    

Judi Kirk

I took up patchwork and quilting nearly 30 years ago and I’m now an international judge and tutor. I live in Kent with my almost-perfect husband, who also acts as my roadie   

Judi Mendlesshon

Judi Mendlesshon

Calling herself a jack of many patchwork trades and master of none. Judi has been a quilt shop owner, editor of (British) Patchwork & Quilting magazine, lead tours for quilters to many different countries, and regularly teaches patchwork classes and talks, on zoom, around the UK and abroad. She joins up with Japan Journeys on quilt cruises and their quilt tours to Japan. 

Jules Mayouf


 Jules Mayouf is an experienced, versatile tutor who enjoys passing on her crafting knowledge. Many of her workshops concentrate on learning fundamental techniques, enabling her students to develop their own designs and individuality. Jules logical, adaptable style has enabled her to demonstrate and teach both in person and on screen. 

Julia Gahagan


Julia loves stitching small projects especially miniature quilts. She uses a quick and easy technique to make simple pictorial quilts that she makes into kits and patterns for others to enjoyShe can be found at several major quilt shows and speaking and teaching around the UK.   

Julie Edwards

Julie Edwards

Julie has been quilting since 2004. Her style is quirky and modern. She likes to make use of fabric scraps to create little pictures enhanced with some slow stitching . She enjoys sharing her passion for  creating with others and has taught in various places.

Karen Crookes

Karen Crookes

Karen has been crafting for over 30 years.  Starting with bobbin lace, moving onto embroidery (her first love) and then patchwork and quilting.  Having achieved her City and Guilds in Embroidery and Patchwork, the seed was sown for future creativity! 

Karen moved to Hampshire 7 years where she set up her business, Sunflowerstitches.  She has a passion for teaching complete beginners and loves setting them on their journey of enjoyment in patchwork and quilting.  Karen loves face to face teaching but is equally very at home teaching over Zoom, which is how she continued all of her classes during the pandemic, ensuring that her community were all kept in touch with each other.  Karen designs her own quilts, including the very popular Sugar & Spice.

As well as regular classes in her workshop, Karen also organises and runs quilting retreats throughout the year and is often found teaching different techniques to many WI and quilting groups and teaching at many of the shows as well as running her fabric shop.

Karen Purdew

Karen Purdew

Karen from Quilt Direct has been an enthusiastic crafter all her adult lifeAfter a long career in education she has now chosen to use her teaching skills to pass on her love of quiltingKaren is passionate about the Accuquilt Cutting system and enjoys using dies in innovative ways.   

Katalin Horvath

Picture 1

Katalin Horvath is a former Biology and Chemistry teacher who started quilting over 20 years ago. She developed her own quick and accurate applique technique, which she calls the Draw-Sew Trim method. While exhibiting internationally as an environmental activist artist, she found her way back to teaching by sharing her method through a wide variety of patterns.

Kate Sandford

Tutor profile pics

Kate, a self-taught quilter, revels in the freedom of crafting unique designs without rigid patterns. Her quilts showcase a vibrant spectrum of techniques, from precise piecing to playful improvisation. Embracing a balance of creativity and learning, she weaves play into her studio time. Kate’s approach is rooted in a love for the craft and a belief in the importance of play, resulting in quilts that tell a story of personal expression and thoughtful artistry. 

Kim Suleman


Kim is the powerhouse behind sewing brand Six Penny Memories, where she has not only retailed a carefully curated collection of craft & sewing supplies but promoted education within the sector.  

As an ambassador for world class brands including Vlieseline, Brother, Prym & Falc Threads, Kim is highly regarded in the industry for her experience and expertise.  

As a popular and regular presenter on the Sewing Street & Hobby Maker shopping channels she is household name and firm favorite with crafters.  

Kim shares her own sewing projects in both workshops and as patterns and books. all designed to inspire, educate and encourage creativity.  

Alongside her professional stitching career Kim is a prominent figure in the WI and works to support creativity in the local community.  

Kim enjoys riding her bike and regular takes part in charity events.  

“Let’s get everyone sewing and having fun!” 

Lis Binns

Lis binns

Lis has been sewing all her life and enjoys hand and machine techniquesShe enjoys learning different techniques and passing on her knowledge to her students.   

Louise Mabbs

Louise’s eclectic work includes – 

Making Maths Accessible Through Art: colourful mathematically inspired quilts/sculptures. 

Fabric Origami: exploring folds/holes. 

Embroidery: organic/tactile collages. 

The Teen Drugs Quilt – Lost Lives and Saving Lives: a social awareness project following her nephew’s death from Ecstasy 10 years ago. 

Remember-ance: commissions using clothes commemorating people/anniversaries. 

Lynda Jackson

Lynda Jackson 2

Lynda is a Handi Quilter Ambassador and Educator on Longarm Machines and Pro-Stitcher. She comes from a family where many are crafters and the ladies have always made things with their hands, be it knitting or sewing. When Lynda retired from the police service she worked in a small fabric store which sold both dressmaking and quilting fabrics. One of her tasks there was to make the samples for display in the store and she soon became hooked on free motion quilting.

Lynda left the store and bought a Handi Quilter Avante longarm. She fell in love with both the machine and the freedom of creative expression. She started her business Capricorn Quilting in 2013 and shortly after in 2014 was asked to become the Educator for the UK Handi Quilter Distributor. The computerised quilting system Pro-sticher was added to the Avante and then the Handi Quilter Infinity in 2017 for hand-guided quilting.

Lynne Edwards

Lynne Edwards

As a quiltmaker and teacher Lynne Edwards has a passion for developing new ideas and techniques. For five decades she has taken her teaching skills worldwide, and her books have introduced hundreds to the joys of the craft. In 2008 she received an MBE for services to quilting.

Margaret Lee

Margaret lee

With many years experience as a Teacher, author and event trader in all things tweed textiles Margaret brings all that knowledge to her classes. Working exclusively with artisan Donegal tweed, woven in Ireland, and presented in pre-cuts and kits, Margaret will be teaching some of her own favourite projects during Festival.   

Mary McIntosh

Mary McIntosh is a textile artist and tutor. Mary is principal tutor at Creative Stitch and offers talks and workshops throughout the UK. You will find her on stand QIA10 at Festival of Quilts 2024.

Mary Taylor

Crazy Mary’ Taylor provides textile craft classes and demonstrations for groups and individuals, hosts residential sewing retreats and also runs textile art projects for schools and community groups. Mary is an experienced qualified teacher and is a popular regular tutor at Festival of Quilts and other events.   

Mick Stead

Started quilting over 25 years ago and studied at Cardonald College for my City & Guilds in Patchwork & Quilting.  I love trying new techniques, many of which I incorporate into my quilts. Whenever I travel abroad, I manage to buy fabric for my quilts. Have taught at every Festival of Quilts since it started.    

Molly Brown

MollyB cropped

Molly has experimented, played and worked with textiles since childhood. After a 35 year career as an Occupational Therapist in the NHS, Molly changed direction in 2016. She now teaches a wide variety of skills, including shisha embroidery, indigo dyeing and clamshell patchwork. She also works on her own projects.  

Moraig Hewitt


Moraig is a freelance textile artist and tutor based in the Yorkshire Dales, with a love of all things fibre-art, but particularly patchwork and quilting. 

Pam Holland

Pam Holland

Meet Pam, a 35-year veteran in the quilting industry. She travels internationally for 10 months every year to teach textile art. Pam is currently working on a 236-foot replica of the Bayeux Tapestry. Her hard work has won her numerous international awards, including the Houston Best of Show and the Jewel Patterson award for International Teachers. Recently, Pam received the prestigious Rajah award for outstanding contribution to Australian Quilting. 

Pat Archibald  

Pat Archibald travels the world and uses her experiences to inspire her own work and class projects. In her workshops and classes, she creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere and encourages her students to develop the workshop theme to create their own unique versions.  

Paula Milner

Paula Milner

Paula is an all-round crafter, tutor, fabric designer. She believes craft should be two things: fun & achievable! Paula’s Craft Cotton Co fabrics are created from her handdrawn illustrations. Paula is a Brand Ambassador for Brother, Cricut and has taught at some of the largest craft festivals across the UK.   

Paula Steel

Paula is a modern quilter, pattern designer and author from Chorley. Paula has been quilting for eight years and over that time she has developed a love of bold geometric designs. Paula’s quilts have been shown at Quilt Con and in 2022 Paula was utterly delighted to come first in the Modern Quilt category at Festival of Quilts. However, what Paula values the most is the joy, friendships and mental wellbeing quilting has brought her.  

Penny Bicknell

Penny Bicknell

A patchwork and quilter for 50 years, I enjoy hand stitching, often including embroidery and embellishment in my work. I have City and Guilds qualifications in Design as well as P& Q and teaching. I am also an accredited Quilt Judge

Petra Donath

Petra Donath

Like many others, Petra started sewing as a child. Her interest in sewing led to a career in the sewing industry. She has been working as an application specialist for a needle manufacturer for more than 15 years. She still sews extensively, with her main interests being patchwork and quilting.

Rachel Care


I am a print and textile artist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Secondary teacher by day, print and textile artist by night. I love to incorporate print into my textile work and use both machine and hand embroidery to add interest.       

Rachel Pierman

Tutor profile pics (4)

After training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, I somehow fell into TV presenting! Media and the world of craft combined when I started CraftyMonkies, a place where people can come and learn a variety of art and sewing based skills with incredible artists from all around the world via Zoom, in our member club, and at in-person retreats in both the USA AND UK. They can listen to them now too via the podcast Breaking The Blocks!  

Renee Fleuranges-Valdes


Over the last 20 years, Renées quilts have been displayed across the USAShe has received awards for both mastery of technique and artistryHer classes for guilds as well as IQF Houston are well receivedRenee also lectures and writes articles, freely sharing her creative style with others       

Rosa Mignacca

Rosa Mignacca

Masters in Fine Art Painting and a Degree in Design (printed textiles) working as a sessional teacher in Art and Design in Kingston college and Carshalton college. 

Ruth Ann Berrry


Ruth Ann Berry is the author of “Bargello Quilts in Motion”, C&T, Publishing 2014, “Braided Bargello”, C&T Publishing 2017, “Simplified 3D Quilts”, self published 2018, “Stunning 3D Quilts Simplified”, C&T Publishing 2020, over 50 quilt patterns available at major distributors and designs patterns for fabric companies. She owns and operates a small-town quilt store and online business, the “Quilter’s Clinic” and quiltersclinic.com and travels extensively to exhibit and teach at guilds and festivals.

Sally Hutson

Sally Hutson is a collector and Historian of antique textiles as well as a textile artist. Lecturing in Art & Design for 20 years in college and university, Sally has built up an extensive knowledge of World textiles. Sally has gained City and Guilds with Jan Beany and Jean Littlejohn and has an MA in Textiles and Anthropology.  

Samantha Boot

Tutor profile pics (5)

Samantha Boot is a textile artist and quilter who uses hand stitch, repurposed fabrics and natural dyes. Inspired by the landscape and stories of her rural Hampshire surroundings, she has had work exhibited both nationally and internationally, and was awarded 3rd place for Handwork at QuiltCon, Phoenix, 2022.

Sarah Ashford

Sarah Ashford[1]

I’m a modern quilter, author, writer and teacher. I’ve been teaching at Festival Of Quilts for the last 5 years and love machine sewing, hand stitching.

Sarah Boardman

Sarah Boardman

Art is my way of connecting with life. It helps me step back and take time to reflect and ground myself. I use a combination of techniques and media to create my art; hand and machine embroidery, applique on fabric and paper in bold colourful designs.  

Sarah Brangwyn

Sarah Brangwyn

Sarah Brangwyn has been sewing since she was small and set up Made and Making over 10 years ago to share her love of sewing and making. She runs classes from the Made and Making studio in Sussex but also travels to private groups, runs a variety of weekend retreats and is a present/designer on the shopping channel Sewing Street. You can find out more about her face to face and online classes at www.madeandmaking.co.uk             

Sarah Humphreys   

Sarah is an experienced quilt maker and teacher. Although primarily a modern quilter, she embraces many contrasts in her work. She loves bright fabrics or monochromatic colour schemes. She enjoys accurate, traditional techniques as well as improvised patchwork and is passionate about both free motion quilting and meditative hand stitching. 

Sheena J Norquay

Sheena Norquay

Sheena has been stitching since she was a child and began her patchwork and quilting journey in the 1970’s. She was a Primary School teacher for 30 years before becoming a freelance quilting teacher. She has taught nationally and internationally and has won many awards for her work.   

Steffi Stern

Steffi Stern

Steffi Stern, a seasoned needle felting artist, published author and founder of sustainable craft business, The Makerss – brings nearly two decades of needle felting expertise to her craft. With a focus on creating lifelike and artistically crafted felted animals, Steffi’s artistic flair has forged exciting collaborations with beloved brands and characters. The Makerss is dedicated to making crafting accessible, sustainable, and community-driven.

Tracy Aplin

Tracy Aplin headshot

Trained in fashion and textiles then tailoring, I then worked as a pattern cutter in head office retail. 

After having children, I carried on making clothes and started making patchwork. Teaching sewing clubs at school and now teach regularly at local shops and groups. So love using bright colours, hand sewing and sharing my skills and knowledge. 

Trease Lane

Trease Lane

I am a textile artist and tutor living in the heart of the Wye valley Monmouthshire. I run workshops from my purpose-built studio. I call them playdays as they are full of fun and experimenting . I also teach City & Guilds Creative Textiles.    

Valerie Clabbum


Welcome to ValerieStitch maker of creative and fun sewing projects to sew at home. Valerie’s passion for patchwork and quilting, expertise in sewing and embroidery machines and digitising has been a creative journey. The fabric panel designed by Valerie are quick and easy projects fun for all abilities.  

Vendulka Battias

Vendulka has been teaching for over 12 years, during this time she has collected numerous awards for her work in the UK and abroad. 

Wendy Dolan

Wendy Dolan

Wendy is a textile artist working in Hove, Sussex. The landscape, natural forms and architecture provide a constant source of inspiration. As a freelance tutor and lecturer, Wendy offers courses, lectures, and demonstrations to groups and organisations. She teaches across the UK, and in Europe and is a tour leader for Aahilya Holidays, taking groups on textile tours to India. www.aahilyaholidays.com

Wendy is the author of  ‘Layer, Paint and Stitch ‘  a Search Press Bestseller. She has a B.Ed. Hons degree in Art and Textiles and a Diploma in Creative Stitched Textiles. She is a Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and a member of The Sussex Guild.


Youngmin Lee


Youngmin Lee is a textile artist uses bojagi tradition and techniques. Her interest in textiles led her to study textile and received an MFA in Fashion Design. She has researched bojagi making and techniques and endeavor to apply her findings to both in traditional and contemporary art. She actively works on preserving the bojagi tradition that embodies the philosophy of recycling, as the works are made from pieces of fabric leftover from other projects.   Youngmin’s works have been exhibited and collected internationally. Her new book, Bojagi: The Art of Korean Textiles with Techniques and Project, is coming in summer 2024. 

Yvonne Pratt

Yvonne Pratt

Yvonne is a contemporary textile creator based in Norfolk.

Having always been a creative person with a love for drawing and using texture to create art, it was not until much later in life through taking on a degree’s BA(Hon) in Textile Design and then a Masters in Contemporary Craft Practice textiles became a passion.

Having had the privileged of working within education most of her adult life this has allowed her skills to be transferred to working as a freelance workshop teacher turning her hand to hand and free-motion embroidery.

Yvonne is a truly passionate and highly motivated maker who loves to pass on her knowledge and skills in hand crafted textiles.