Among the 300+ companies exhibiting at this year’s Festival, we present a Japanese Pavilion comprised of approximately 10 exhibitors. Hand picked by The Festival of Quilts team at the International Great Quilt Festival in Tokyo, you will find a number of hard-to-find Japanese fabrics and supplies from companies coming to the UK for the first time. The Pavilion will be located in Hall 9 so make sure you head there during your visit.

Stand JP1 – Atelier Shimano – アトリエしまの – Noriko Shimano

Stand JP2 – Quilt Studio A-two – キルトスタジオ A-two – Atsuko Matsuyama

Stand JP3 – Kokohore Wan Wan – ここほれわんわん – Yukiko Maruhama

Stand JP5 – MC Square Inc – 株式会社 エム・シー・スクエア -Koji Takahashi

Stand JP6 – Poco A Poco – ポコアポコ – Keiko Makayama

Stand JP7 – Tezome Osanai – 手染めOSANAI – Mitsugu Osanai

Stand JP8 – Quilt Gallery Zui – キルトギャラリー 瑞 – Chieko Minami

Stand JP10 – Quilt Studio Mariko – パッチワーク・キルトスタジオMARIKO – Mariko Ikeda