Victoria Findlay Wolfe, cut and transforms quilts into a fresh modern exciting designs. Considered the Queen of Double Wedding Ring Quilts, she found with each quilt that she makes, Creates connections that are truly full circle moments and have pushed her creative journey.

Now after having made over 60 Double wedding ring quilts, Victoria shares with us a collection of work from her book: Double Wedding Ring: Traditions Made Modern book (ctpub) as well as new work based on a seemingly complex Herringbone pattern from her soon to be released Modern Quilt Magic (ctpub Sept 2018) Victoria continues to break down traditional patterns, and finds a new ways to interpret classic design while boosting your skills set. Within each quilt that Victoria makes, she is looking to change one element within a pattern, either by scale, design, or direction.

Focusing on a cache of quilter’s tricks with 5 awe-inspiring patchwork techniques including partial seams, Y-seams, mini improv piecing, and free-form curves to create complex looking quilts. She is a master of making what look like difficult quilts, easy and approachable! “No Sewing skills are hard to master,” Victoria says, “You just need 15 minutes to learn a new trick!”