Taking inspiration from the popular book of the same name, by Lynn Knight, unFOLD will present work which explores ideas about domesticity and women’s position in society and how it has changed over time. In this Centenary year of women getting the vote, it seems a particularly appropriate time to highlight these changes.

Buttons have long represented different aspects of women’s lives, from the Macintosh button on driving coats in the 1930s symbolising the growing independence of middle class women, to the humble linen work button, designed to go through a mangle without breaking.

Many of us have memories of our grandmother’s button box, with that particular smell, and the noise associated with rifling through looking for that elusive, special button, providing a focus for our imagination.

Our exhibition will provide a conceptual, decorative and innovative response to the changing role of women over the decades. It will both surprise and comfort viewers with visualisation of the familiar and the unusual.

The work will not necessarily contain buttons!