UK Quilters United 365 Challenge Group is a social media group, bringing together over 600 members on Facebook.  A diverse group of quilters, taking part in Kathryn Kerr’s ultimate challenge to piece progressively more difficult blocks, every day throughout 2016, culminating in a stunning 90” square sampler quilt.
At the outset, many members were new to patchwork and quilting.  The group supported and encouraged each other online , developing skills and perseverance even when faced with a 6” patchwork block containing 185 individual pieces!

Whilst adhering to the set 3” or 6” square block patterns, individual interpretation formed part of Kathryn’s overall remit and brought a variety of colours, layouts and quilting techniques leading to a diverse array of finished quilts.  The central medallion and the cornerstone 12” blocks ensured the essence of the original design was maintained.  100% cotton fabrics were used throughout.

The exhibits selected  for our gallery were juried to present a cohesive and varied collection.  Some deviate from the full 90” quilt to demonstrate how, even though entrants have completed all of the 365 blocks, they can be divided over several smaller projects if desired.