The awarding of the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award 2015 to the labor unionist of the textile industry in Bangladesh Amirul H. Amin was the occasion for this international textile exhibition.

• It is dangerous to be in a trade union in Bangladesh. The activists are not only at risk of losing their jobs when fighting bad working conditions. They are often harassed, threatened or arrested. Awareness of workers’ rights there and the human working conditions is the first focus.

• The consumer’s awareness for responsible consumption should be strengthened. The public must know the conditions of production in the textile industry.

• At last the focus is embedded in an economic framework since global and fair trade without the adherance to social standards runs contrary to basic human needs.

Interpretations of this triad of topics should be incorporated from the artist’s own perspective, own technique and own perception.

Works by 24 artists from 14 countries all over the world were compiled by Heidi Drahota in this collection „Stuff for Thought“. After five shows the final stop is in Birmingham. Artists support Mr. Amin’s work with 20 – 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the artworks.
Project of the Human Rights Office of the City of Nuremberg and artist Heidi Drahota