British Quilt Study Group celebrates 20 years since its formation in 1998. The group, as part of The Quilters Guild of the British Isles, was formed to encourage knowledge about historic quilts and to document recent quilt trends.

Do you look at old quilts, do you wonder who made them, how the fabric was printed, how the colour was made, where the designs and quilt patterns came from and how the maker learned her skills?

BQSG members have chosen social history, family history, fabrics and printing, quilt patterns, literature as a basis for research, as well as looking at quilt communities and current developments in quilting.
We are are encouraged to use many disciplines to study British quilts and our exhibition and information draws on many aspects of the research published in our annual journal Quilt Studies.

We have uncovered fascinating information and we look forward to welcoming you at stand TG12 to find out more about British quilt history, to see our publications and to talk about the quilts on display.