EQA Challenge for 2018 “Boundaries”

Europe is a continent with many countries, separated by boundaries of various kinds, – national, regional, linguistic, cultural, economic, nutritional, personal, etc.
Quilting and patchwork, on the other hand, are textile techniques that are equally faced with boundaries, – in patterns, techniques, fabrics, styles, use of machinery or embellishments…The 2018 EQA challenge encourages the participants to take a broad – minded look at the various kinds of boundaries we are constantly facing in our everyday and European lives. By exploring and expanding these boundaries the EQA challenge quilts highlight the creativity and diversity of European interpretations of how easy or interesting or difficult or challenging it can be to overcome boundaries not only in a common and pragmatic way but broadens the subject by adding abstract and spiritual meaning to it as well.
“Boundaries” quilts measure 35 x 50 cm in portrait format, and a total of 8 quilts per member country is presented. Each quilt reflects freedom and a highly individual approach in unlimited use of patchwork and quilting techniques to interpret the theme.
The entire collection of EQA challenge quilts will be first launched at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in 2018, and then travel to the various countries throughout Europe.