EQA Gallery “Diversity” for 2018
This stunning and colourful exhibition reflects the diversity of Europe with its 19 member guilds and more than 65,000 members in total.

The EQA “Diversity” Gallery is aimed at showcasing the collection of 19 quilts from all EQA member countries and offers a wider possibility to discover amazing creativity and uniqueness.
With no specific theme given each country selects and presents only one piece according to both excellences of idea and execution. The exhibition features many talented and internationally claimed master artists and many of presented quilts at the EQA “Diversity” gallery are winners of National Guilds’ or International juried competitions.
Alongside with art quilts conveying creative imagination and innovation are artworks that reflect thematically manifold approach and deep connection with ancient traditions which grows into contemporary refinement and highly aesthetic creative work.
International representatives from EQA member countries will welcome visitors in “Diversity” Gallery and will share more information about EQA as well as showcased quilts. Do come and say hello and tell us what you think and enjoy the work of diverse quilt artists from all over the Europe. We are sure you leave feeling inspired!