CQWest began in 2013 when several members of The Contemporary Quilt Group living in the south west wanted to create a regional group with very specific aims.

We are a diverse group of textile artists who share common ground, in that we all stitch, but come from different creative backgrounds. Some have always been quilters whilst others are also embroiderers, painters, printers, book-artists and more besides. Our styles vary between abstract and pictorial, but are very much contemporary, pushing the boundaries of what textile art can be.

We meet together with the aim of supporting and encouraging each other in moving our individual working practice forward in a more professional way by regularly sharing our current work and critiquing in a positive manner.

We have teachers, speakers and authors in the group and several have exhibited around the world, gaining a number of prestigious awards.

We create a new exhibition every other year. We do not want to restrict any individual by having a specific brief so decided to call our first exhibition “Unfolding Stories”. 2018 is the year of “Unfolding Stories 3”. Some of our members can be quite controversial and we have covered political, ethical and environmental subjects.