Using bold, vibrant colours and simple geometric shapes, Alex seeks to give arresting visual expression to mathematical ideas. She explores colour, number, sequence and proportion. Her Festival pieces are inspired by a poem or other text, or a powerful number such as Pi. She imposes a mathematical sequence, cuts, rearranges according to the sequence, sometimes repeatedly, and sees what emerges. It may appear random but is actually anything but. Her pieces are very much more than the sum of their parts.

Fibonacci numbers, prime numbers, and the famous ‘Golden Mean’ are strong influences. The ‘Fifth Day’ pieces at the Festival use mathematical sequences to reflect the energy and vitality of the created world. The series on Pi explores this intriguing number from a variety of angles.

Her pieces are deeply rooted in her life experiences. But why choose to work with fabric? “The cotton once lived, breathed and grew. It is washed, ironed, cut, stitched, cut again, stretched, stapled, pierced and pulled – just as we are by life’s experiences. The parallels are humbling.”

Alex hopes that her work will lift spirits and make people smile – and maybe also intrigue them a little! And it’s always fun to work with bright, playful colours!