The Creative Textiles Studio

The Creative Textile Studio is an exciting space at Festival of Quilts where visitors can watch live demonstrations of dyeing and printing processes.

This year, a new team takes on the organisation of this area which will bring something new and exciting for FoQ visitors! In addition to the usual demos of breakdown and thermofax printing, they will also offer a more considered look at starting points, the materials produced, and the results of some of the processes being demonstrated. This will give the visitor a better idea of how some of these techniques can be used in quilt making.

In response to the growing interest around how to include different and new materials and techniques in patchwork & quilting, we are inviting artists and teachers to work alongside the regular studio demonstrators to share their processes and ideas and create a conversation with visitors.

This year’s Studio organisers are:

Christine Chester Studio 11 in Eastbourne

Terry Donaldson & Hazel Ryder InStitches near Wokingham

Leah Higgins Urban Studio North in Eccles, Manchester

The full line-up of demonstrators for 2022 will be announced in July!

The Creative Textile Studio is back to offer you a glimpse of artists working in a live studio environment at this year’s Festival of Quilts.

Watch a team of makers as they layer fabrics using dyes and eco printing, in a live studio environment. There will be six stations demonstrating Mark Making, Screen Printing, Breakdown Printing, Thermofax Printing, Resists on Screen & Cloth and Eco Printing & Indigo!

Participants this year are: Lya Geven, Monica Boxley, Rachel Tyndall, Cag Tyndall, Ann Revell, Anna Woodhead, Ali Garrett, Susan Cole, Janet McCallum, Samantha Jones, Amanda Duke and Bernice Hopper.

Come and be wowed, fascinated and inspired.

creative textiles studio 2