In 2022, Sophie Hayes Foundation began a new decade supporting women survivors of modern slavery build confidence through coaching and skills development that leads to education, employment, and independence. To recognise this achievement, the Foundation will be sharing the voices of women survivors through a “Freedom Quilt” creative collaboration with Liberty and the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool.The Freedom Quilt is a special quilt sewn together by current participants and graduates of the Sophie Hayes programme.

Each stitched square of the quilt will represent the personal emotions and artistic expression of each survivor’s past and future hopes and dreams – their personal journey to freedom. The quilt is being created using fabrics supplied from Liberty’s iconic quilting prints, allowing each sewing session to draw inspiration from its eclectic mix of floral, paisley, and geometric designs.  

After a series of sewing events, guided by quilting expert Jenni Smith, each regional quilt will be stitched together to make one historical survivor record of a Freedom Quilt to be displayed at Liberty in London and The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, before going to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool in late 2022. 

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