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    1. Membership of the Quilters’ Guild
    Are you an existing member of the Quilters Guild or EQA?* :
    If yes, your entry fee discount will be applied automatically.
    Please indicate Quilters’ Guild / EQA membership number*
    2. Which Category?
    Select ONE Category* :
    The theme for the Guild Challenge in 2022 is The world we share
    This category is open to all members of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles and all European Guilds which are part of the European Quilt Association. The theme can be interpreted literally, metaphorically, poetically - as widely as the maker wishes.
    This category is open to complete beginners to sewing; those who have started sewing / stitching in the last 12 months and who, prior to that, had not completed a sewing project. Entrants must have no formal qualifications in textiles or related subjects and cannot have previously exhibited any quilt or piece of textiles anywhere.
    Entrants to this category should have been quilting for fewer than three years. Pieces entered into this category should have been completed within the last two years and must not have been previously exhibited as part of any event, exhibition or gallery. Entrants for this new category should not hold a formal qualification in a textiles or related subject.
    Quilts with both a strong visual impact and a high quality of execution designed to be displayed as artwork and communicating an idea, emotion or concept through the medium of textile and stitch.
    Quilts that draw on the traditions of quilt making, through piecing, appliqué or wholecloth, but have an original approach. Makers may use non-traditional fabrics, fabric printing and dyeing, embellishment and unusual construction methods. Quilts should have an original design and demonstrate sure use of colour. They may be sewn by hand, machine or any combination.
    For quilts using a traditional design or pattern. Quilts may be wholecloth, pieced and quilted, appliqué and quilted, or a combination of piecing, appliqué and quilting. Quilting may be hand, machine or a combination.
    For quilts that are minimalist with clean, modern design and a strong visual impact. They often use asymmetry, improvisational piecing, a reinterpretation of traditional blocks or the lack of a visible block structure. A feeling of space is often achieved by the use of negative space. They are machine or hand quilted in a way that is sympathetic to the design.
    A single quilt made by more than two makers. Please note all 3D work should be entered into the Quilt Creations category.
    Number of group members*
    For quilts made by two makers using any technique, to include quilting (hand, machine, long-arm or a combination). Participants must declare whether their quilt is the result of pure collaboration or was professionally long armed. The services of the same professional quilter may be used by more than one entrant in this category.
    Full Name of second maker*
    Which of the following is applicable?
    Quilts depicting a scene or subject eg: people, animal, flowers etc. as the main body of the quilt. A figurative or representational piece.
    Maximum size of 30cms on the longest side. Use any technique or combination of techniques. In a photo of the finished piece (with no indication of scale) the miniature should look like a full-size quilt or wall hanging.
    All entries in this category must qualify as clothing, wearable art or three-dimensional pieces. 3D items (this does not include double sided quilts) must have length, breadth and depth. This can be made by an individual or a group. For this category, hanging instructions MUST be sent with your entry
    For this category, hanging instructions MUST be sent with your entry.
    Is your piece considered as:
    Please specify which of the following will be suitable to display your work:
    Please confirm the size of the plinth required in centimetres
    Height (cm)*
    Width (cm)*
    Depth (cm)*
    The theme for 2022 is Going for Gold
    Quilts of any size, using any technique, made by young quilters / embroiderers, in the following age ranges:
    Age of child*
    Please specify the degree of adult involvement provided to the child
    The theme for 2022 is Going for Gold
    Quilts of any size, using any technique, made by school children or groups of children, in the following categories:
    Please specify the degree of adult involvement provided to the child
    Please enter the full names of the students who have contributed (in Title Case)*
    3. Overlay Awards
    Please indicate if your quilt is eligible for any of the following overlay awards (making you eligible for a prize of £500):
    Quilts entered in any category are eligible to enter this ‘overlay’ category to win a prize of £500 for best use of hand quilting. All quilting should be stitched by hand. "The winner would demonstrate mastery of the technique and quilting would be in keeping with the overall design of the quilt
    Quilts entered in any category are eligible to enter this ‘overlay’ category to win a prize of £500 for excellence in machine quilting. Entries should be quilted on a static, domestic sewing machine, i.e. where the machine is stationary, and the fabric is moved. Winners of a category are not eligible to win an additional overlay award.
    Quilts entered in any category are eligible to enter this ‘overlay’ category to win a prize of £500 for excellence in use of a longarm machine. Entries should be quilted on a specialist longarm quilting machine, i.e. where the machine moves and the fabric remains static, mounted on a frame. Winners of a category are not eligible to win an additional overlay award.
    Quilts entered in any category are eligible to enter this ‘overlay’ category to win a prize of £500 for excellence in the use of thread. The winning entry will demonstrate mastery in the choice and use of thread. Any technique may be used, and may be stitched by hand, by machine, or a combination of hand and machine, but thread should play a starring role. Artist’s statements should include details of the thread and techniques used, together with details of the type of machine used (if relevant). Winners of a category award are not eligible to win an overlay award.
    4. Contact Details
    First Name*
    Telephone (Mobile)*
    Telephone (Home)
    5. Attendance At Awards Ceremony
    If you enter the competition, we would strongly suggest that you attend on Thursday 18th August when the Awards Ceremony takes place. Winners will be contacted by phone on Wednesday 17th August and invited to attend the Awards Ceremony.
    It is essential that you provide a mobile or contact telephone number so that we can establish if you will be attending the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 18th August.
    Select ONE
    Winning Quilts
    6. Size of Quilt
    Size (in centimetres)
    Depth (if Quilt Creations)*
    Please note: Entries must have one dimension (either height or width) of at least one metre and must not exceed three metres (unless you’re entering Miniature / Quilt Creations / Schools / Young Quilters).
    7. Hanging Information
    Is your quilt:
    For the purpose of this competition, double sided quilts are defined as those where both the front and reverse sides may be viewed as separate pieces of work. The reverse side of the piece should be a finished quilt, created to the same standard as the front.
    Can your quilt be hung on a standard batten?
    Please provide hanging instructions with your entry form AND with the quilt itself. File format: PDF, TXT or Word Doc
    8. Sale Information
    Do you wish to offer your quilt for sale at the Festival?
    If yes, please state the amount (in £ sterling)*
    9. Title And Description Of Piece
    Title of piece:*
    Maximum 50 characters
    Name of Maker(s), School or Group (for use in the catalogue and website)*
    Maximum 50 characters
    Materials used:*
    Maximum 60 characters
    Techniques used:*
    Maximum 120 characters
    Artist’s statement /inspiration:*
    Maximum 300 characters
    10. Images
    • Images must be saved in JPG, JPEG or PNG
    • Each file size must be a minimum of min 500KB, and maximum of 1MB
    • Click here for some guidelines and advice to help you photograph and re-size/edit your piece.
    • Please note the image uploaded WON'T be used in judging. If your quilt is incomplete you can submit a placeholder image in the interim and request to change the image at a later date when your quilt is ready, emailing Quiltentry@immediate.co.uk.
    Please upload image of FULL quilt*
    Please upload your 2nd image of the detail (optional)
    Please upload your 3rd image of the detail (optional)
    Please upload your 4th image of the back of the quilt (optional)
    11. Entry fees
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    12. Delivery/Returns
    Getting your quilt to us
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    The return of your quilt
    How would you like to have your quilt returned?*
    Please note it is no longer possible to deliver to Russia.
    Collection in Person*
    Who is collecting
    Enter their name*
    Deliver to the same address as above?*
    Please enter the delivery address here
    What size is your quilt?*
    Return postage for Miniature quilt (maximum 30cms on any side)
    Return postage for small quilt (max dimension of 1.5 m in any direction, max weight 3kg)
    Return postage for large quilt (max dimension of 1.5m in any direction, max weight 12kg)
    13. Insurance
    • You are responsible for the insurance of your quilt while it is in transit to us via post or courier.
    • On arrival with us, if requested below, we can cover the quilt for loss or damage for a small administration fee which will be in place until your quilt is back with you.
    • The cost for this is £10 for a quilt up to a value of £500, £20 for values between £501 and £1000 and £30 for values between £1001 and £1500 and so on. Please select as required.
    • It must be emphasized that, whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of any entry, it has to be recognised that some risk is inevitable and must be accepted by all entrants.
    • Please note that we are unable to add you to this cover for multiple quilts packaged in one parcel.
    • Please package your quilts individually if you wish to be covered as stated above.
    I would like to be included in your insurance cover to the following value:
    (Please select one*)
    14. Total to Pay
    Total Fees £
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