The five specialist groups within the Quilters Guild – the quilt study group, traditional, modern, contemporary and miniature – have, for the first time, produced a joint exhibition in celebration of the Guild’s ruby year. The study group has chosen the Bloomfield coverlet as a stimulus for each of the exhibiting groups to create a quilt in response.

The Bloomfield coverlet contains a complex pattern of hexagon rosettes and pieced diamonds framed to make a star design at the centre. The plain hexagon in the middle of this design has the inscription ‘Edwin. Mary. Bloomfield, 1850’. The centre is surrounded by framed panels of embroidered text, Maltese crosses in a red printed fabric, four large crosses and applied pieces of large-scale floral prints. The coverlet thus offers a wide range of options which our members have used as a starting point to create quilts in their own preferred quilting styles.
This exhibition will provide visitors with opportunities to study the original coverlet and to see how quilters have responded: it is having the various styles of quilting side by side that makes it unique. The gallery will be manned by makers who will be delighted to share their knowledge and skill.

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