QGBI Modern Special Interest Group: Past, Present and Future 

As a celebration of ten years of the Modern Special Interest Group, The Quilters’ Guild are holding an exhibition of past subjects, the present challenge, based on Tin, and our future, hopefully in the hands of Young Quilters. Members’ involvement in workshops, swaps, and other fun activities will also be highlighted.

In 2014, a new Special Interest Group of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles was formed to represent the growing interest in a more modern way of making quilts whilst still using fabric. There were already groups for studying and researching all aspects of patchwork, quilting and appliqué, for continuing traditional quilt making, for making miniature quilts and for making more innovative and dynamic art quilts using a diverse range of materials as well as fabrics not usually associated with quilts.

Once the group was established, annual challenges were started, with members asked to make a quilt of a certain size interpretating the year’s theme in whichever way they liked. Recent themes include ‘Twenty on Twenty’; ‘A Commonwealth of Colour’; ‘It Takes Two’; ’Broken Lines’; and this year’s ‘Tin for Ten’ to mark 10 years of the group.

Also, there will be a Rogues’ Gallery, consisting of work by some of the founder/early members of the group. One wall will be adorned by ‘Modern Jazz’, a quilt being loaned by The Guild Collection and made by Helen Howes who had the original vision for the group.