598 women were killed by a result of domestic violence between 2009 and 2015. That is approximately two women a week.

The Women’s Quilt is made up of 598 patches, one patch for each woman who tragically died. The Women’s quilt is an emotive and evocative quilt that commemorates the lives of these women and acts as a a poignant reminder that domestic abuse is unfortunately still the norm for too many women.


The quilt is the brain child of Labour Councillor Roxanne Ellis who brought it to parliament on  International Women’s Day to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

Roxanne said: “The idea of the quilt came about because it is a traditionally feminine skill and one that is accessible to everyone, we have had women draw on their patch with pens, paint, stick, appliqué and embroider their patches. It is also one where people can work on their patches wherever they want and then they can be brought together. There was also inspiration taken from the AIDS quilt and the visual impact of that amazing piece of work.”


The Women’s Quilt remembers each woman as more than a statistic, every patch has a unique tale about that person’s life. You can find more about the story behind each woman on the Women’s Quilt Instagram page.


The Women’s quilt will be on display at this year’s Festival of Quilts.