Lockdown in 2020 has had a significant impact on everyone. Many have turned to textile making as solace and relaxation or to make PPE and feel useful. Those working in textiles as a profession may have struggled to keep their business afloat whilst unable to get to their studio and have seen workshops and events cancelled.

Ruth Singer is working with Gawthorpe Textiles Collection to create a Textiles In Lockdown commission, researching and sharing textile practice during pandemic lockdown.

They are looking to gather stories from the UK and the world and are interested in creative textile practice, both hobby and professional. They are also looking to hear from people in practical textile making to support well-being, health and charities such as making scrubs or masks.

They are looking to hear stories on how groups have continued to collaborate or new groups which have formed online to create and share their textile making.

Textile makers, both hobby and professional, can share their stories through two online surveys which are available by clicking the button below:


Ruth Singer is an artist-maker with 15 years professional experience and a previous career working in museums. She creates textile and print for exhibitions, projects, artist residencies and commissions. Her exhibition Criminal Quilts was shown at Festival of Quilts 2018 and she won the Fine Art Quilt Masters in 2016. She also writes books, mentors other artists and works as a creative consultant on arts & heritage projects. If you would like to see some of Ruth’s stunning works, you can view her Dynamic Gallery ‘Textile Traces, Personal Stories in Cloth’ by clicking the link below: