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Do your bit with Create and Sustain

The Create and Sustain organisation has been created to help reduce and recycle the amounts of textiles that are thrown away each year.

“Every year, millions of tons of textiles end up in landfills around the world. We are educating makers that want to create more sustainably; guided by the simple idea that we can create beautiful and thoughtful things without hurting the environment. We are finding and sharing creative ways to keep fabrics and fibers out of landfills. By using our collective voices, we can work together to create a positive impact on the environment.”

Can't get enough of The Great British Sewing Bee?

Can’t get enough of The Great British Sewing Bee? Then tune in to The Bee Sting!

Designer and GBSB series 6 contestant, Mark Francis, has teamed up with his husband Clive to bring their very own GBSB after-show.

Taking to Instagram live, Mark, Clive and other special guests from series 6 will be talking all things GBSB, from how they would have taken on the week’s challenges, to memories from their time on the show!

Tune in to the Bee Sting every Wednesday at 10pm via Marks’s Instagram @sewmarkfrancis.

Haptic and Hue Podcast on the Quiltmakers of Gees Bend

A new season of the popular Haptic and Hue podcast, Tales of Textiles, kicks off with an episode telling the story of the quilt makers of Gees Bend in Alabama. For several generations women in this community have produced some of the world’s most artistic and beautiful quilts, anticipating many of the themes of modern art. One New York art critic on seeing the quilts for the first time said they were ‘equivalent to anything produced by Klee or Matisse”. The podcast talks to the quilters themselves about their approach to quilting and looks at what their craft has brought this isolated community. It can be found on all podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify, or on the Haptic and Hue website.