MICHAEL JAMES: CONSTRUCTED TEXTILES NEW AND RECENT brings together a collection of the artist’s works executed since he last exhibited at Festival of Quilts in 2006. That installation, Recent Work in Digital Textiles, introduced Festival audiences to his exploration of digital textile printing, begun in 2002. Since that time, James has continued to use electronic media, including Adobe® Creative Suite® and Mimaki digital textile printers, to create singular visual imagery that supports his investigations of the emotional and psychological undercurrents that flow continuously within us. Included in the exhibition is a selection from his most recent series titled “India Through Beginner’s Eyes”. These works document James’s experience as a first-time traveler to India. First time travelers “may not always see beyond the surface or with real penetration,” the artist says, “but they tend to notice the unusual in the ordinary, the remarkable in the overlooked, the beautiful in those things taken for granted by others who possess longtime and daily familiarity.” The exhibition also includes works from preceding series, more introspective in nature, that found the artist contemplating mortality, his own and that of loved ones, and the associated experience of loss and grief.

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