Middle East Quilt Artists presents you with
“Connections “
A magnificent visual display of work inspired and made by women living and working in the region.

The Middle East encompasses a vast geographical area including countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Oman to name a few. This area includes a wide variety of ethnic groups and religions descendant from some of the earliest known civilizations.
The region has a rich and varied history of architecture, arts and craft – much of it influenced by Islamic craftsmen, as well as stunning landscapes from Persian mountains to the azure sea in the Arabian Gulf, to the desolate beauty of the empty quarter desert.

The Middle East Quilt Artists have all spent a good part of their lives in different countries across the region and the richness of the natural and cultural landscape has permeated each member’s works.
Our pieces for this exhibition have taken inspiration from a number of regional sources including calligraphy, geometric pattern, mosques and even highly detailed embroidery in women’s clothing.

Our exhibition is entitled Connections because of the many bonds that have been built up between our group members and the region, which, despite many turbulent times, is home to people with a warmth and hospitality as strong as their cultural heritage.

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