Katarzyna Plesniak was the winner of the Novice Quilts Category with her beautiful piece ‘Pieces of Memories’.

Find out how initially being dared to enter the Festival of Quilts Competition ended in her taking out the prize in her very first entry into any quilting competition.

Katarzyna outlines her evolving quilting style as well as the story behind her winning piece in an exclusive interview below.

Katarzyna Plesniak - 1st place winner 2019

The quilt of “Pieces of Memories I” I made in 2018. It was my first “significant” job-artwork. It was created for the competition which was organized on the centenary of Poland getting independence. I was inspirated by a documentary that I watched on television, in which the main characters(now old people), recalled their childhood- actually their lost childhood during the World War II. I was deeply touched by their shreds of memories – dirty, torn, sad, full of suffering, often stained with blood. To illustrate this devastating experience, I have chosen manual technique – which by nature is not so used, not as perfect as sewing on by the machine. The whole work was supposed to be associated with an old, damaged, dirty, torn piece of fabric. Not perfect, because it is full of content, like memories of people who lived in inhuman times. Hence the title of the work “Pieces of Memories I”.

I was dared because there was a separate category for people who are just starting their adventure with quilt – “The Novice Quilter”. Besides, I wanted to check if what I do is liked by others.

I came across with the quilting for the first time at the beginning of 2017. While I was browsing the Internet, I came across the wonderful works of Anna Sławińska – Polish well-known quilter and a founder of the Patchwork School. I couldn’t believe that with sewing machines you can enchant such a beautiful artwork. A month later I signed up to the Patchwork School, with were led by Ula Buczkowska – an excellent quilter. Since then I’ve been making my own quilts which can be seen on instagram: katarzynaplesniakquilt

For now, I’m still in the phase of searching. It’s hard to talk about my favorite style or technique. I’m inspired by many artists. I put their works on my Facebook profile Katarzyna Pleśniak Quilt Patchwork. I have my thoughts and we will see what comes out of this in the future.

While I was getting ready to sew the quilt I collected many interesting pictures from World War II times. That time I also decided to make triptych “Pieces of Memories I, II, III”. I’m in the process of making second part with I ‘m going to submit for the competition The Festival of Quilts Virtual Competition. There will be part three which I still haven’t started.

I was very surprised! It was first time I took part in a competition and such success straight away! This is a great distinction and motivation to continue what I’m doing.