India Flint’s work conflates the visual and written poetics of place and memory, using walking, drawing, assemblage, mending, stitch, image-making and text as a means of mapping country, recoding and recording responses to landscape – working with cloth, paper, stone, windfall leaf matter, water, minerals, bones, the discarded artefacts and hard detritus of human habitation, the local weed burden. ‘incomplete journeys’ is a collection of pieced, layered and printed textiles that might be considered maps or soft paintings, pieces of place or a series of laments for places of peace; landscapes written into cloth using leaves, water and time.

She negotiates a meandering path between installation, printing, painting, drawing, writing and sculpture. The work of each day, philosophically rooted in topophilia [the love of place] literally begins with a walk; gathering leaves and harvesting words and sketches in an ever-present notebook. The pieces have been layered together from a collection of cloth accumulated over years of travelling, and stitched by hand. These cloth objects, infused by place, coloured with leaves and marked by time have deep roots in the land where Flint lives; as much a place to dream as to work.

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